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We invite you to familiarize yourself with how you earn and redeem points, and how you can attain The K&N's Way Club Silver or Gold status with even more benefits or perhaps become one of our most privileged Circle members.

The K&N's Way Club - an extension of ‘The K&N's Way’ - which is our way of bringing you safe and healthy, all natural chicken by managing and controlling all stages of poultry production under one umbrella, with 60 years of poultry excellence. Remaining true to our raison d'être (reason for being): for Health and Happiness of the Nation, we now invite you to join The K&N's Way Club and Experience Rewards The K&N's Way! Our way of saying thank you for your continued confidence as we endeavour to remain a brand par excellence.

Frequent Shopper Programme


The Programme

Membership is free and there are many advantages when you collect points

The more you collect, the more you benefit. As a member every time you shop at any K&N's Chicken Store or through Free Home Delivery Service in Pakistan, you earn valuable points which can be redeemed for free K&N's products. You also enjoy exclusive privileges and special offers.
Points also enable you to progress towards higher club status of Silver or Gold with exclusive privileges, or become one of our most privileged Circle members.

Earn Points

Your points have real value. They entitle you to receive great awards such as free K&N's products and special offers, and a higher club status with exclusive privileges.
Number of points earned is directly related to purchase amount, K&N's product category and your status within The K&N's Way Club.
Your club status determines whether you will be able to enjoy additional benefits and privileges associated with Silver, Gold or Circle status within The K&N's Way Club Programme.

Executive Bonus

A higher status of Silver, Gold or Circle within the Club also entitles you to an Executive Bonus on award points earned, even for the same purchase amount. If you have Silver status, you earn 25%. Gold status entitles you to 50%, while Circle status gives you 100% Executive Bonus. Executive Bonus is not applied on Status Points.

Award Points for every Rs 75/- spent
Executive Bonus - 25% 50% 100%
Whole Chicken, Designer Cuts & By-Parts 2.50 3.12 3.75 5.00
Premium Boneless Meat 3.50 4.37 5.25 7.00
Ready-to-Cook, Fully Cooked & Fully Baked products 5.00 6.25 7.50 10.00
Stok 5.00 6.25 7.50 10.00
Example: on purchase of K&N's Ready-to-Cook products Gold Members earn 7.5 award points for every Rs. 75/- worth of purchase.

There are two different types of points:
- Award Points
- Status Points

Award Points:

Award points are earned every time you shop at a K&N's Chicken Store or while ordering through Free Home Delivery. As the name suggests, award points can be exchanged for awards, such as free K&N's products.

Status Points:

Status points are earned simultaneously with award points every time you shop. As the name suggests, status points determine club status and enable you to move towards and/or retain the higher Silver, Gold or Circle status. Certain limited time promotions or special offers may be excluded from status points’ accrual.

Redeem Points:

Award points can be redeemed for awards, such as free K&N's products. The more points in your account, the more awards you get free! Points redemption list is displayed at all K&N's Chicken Stores.

You shall receive a One-Time-Password (OTP) on the registered cell number, to access the ‘Redemption’ option while shopping at a K&N’s Chicken Store. The Sales Associate shall carry out the process and as soon as the redemption transaction is complete, the OTP shall become void.

Award Points earned during a Calendar Year (January 1 to December 31) will expire on June 30th of the following year. For e.g. Award Points you earn in Feb 2022 shall expire on 30th June 2023. Award Points earned in December 2022 will also expire on 30th June 2023.


The K&N's Way Club membership is free

Enrol now

Just fill the form, and submit. You will receive your 7-digit virtual ID, which will help you in your future shopping at K&N’s, to attain points in your account and maintain and/or upgrade your status.

In case you forget your 7-digit virtual ID, share your registered cell number with the Sales Associate and points will be credited to your account accordingly.

Status Levels

The K&N's Way Club offers four status levels. Enrol as a member, and higher status of Silver, Gold or Circle can be attained by earning required number of status points during a calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).

Privileges at a glance:

The K&N's Way Member
Welcome to a World of Privileges

Once enrolled, we welcome you as a permanent Member of The K&N's Way Club where a world of privileges, attractive awards and benefits await you on your future shopping with us.


The K&N's Way Silver
Privileges for Frequent Shoppers

Attaining Silver status is easy, by earning 2250 status points within a calendar year. You will now enjoy 25% Executive Bonus Points on every purchase you make, including other special offers.

The K&N's Way Gold
Privileges for Special Customers

Thinking beyond the entitlement of 25% bonus award points? Earn 3500 status points within a year, and we have the Gold status waiting just for you!
With your enhanced Gold status, you are now entitled to an additional 50% Executive Bonus award points, enabling you to earn rewards even faster.
The K&N's Way Club Gold also brings you exciting privileges, including 6 Discount eVouchers and other special offers - all designed to make The K&N’s Way Club membership more rewarding for you.
Each eVoucher allows you a discount of 4% on Whole Chicken, Designer Cuts and By-Parts, 7.5% on Boneless products and 10% on Ready-To-Cook, Fully Cooked and Fully Baked products, on a purchase of Rs. 3,000/.


The K&N's Way Circle
Privileges at the Highest Level

Do you have even higher ambitions? The K&N’s Way Circle status recognizes the loyalty of our exceptional customers that achieve 5500 status points within a year. We offer these privileges as an expression of our utmost appreciation for the loyalty of our exclusive ‘circle’ of such customers.
As a Circle member, you can now avail unparalleled advantages of earning 100% Executive Bonus Points on every shopping; 06 Discount eVouchers and other special offers that shall be offered from time to time.
Each eVoucher allows you a discount of 4% on Whole Chicken, Designer Cuts and By-Parts, 7.5% on Boneless products and 15% on Ready-to-Cook, Fully Cooked and Fully Baked products, on a purchase worth Rs. 5,000/.


Contact us

Toll-free 0800 11567 | Email: member.services@theKandNsWay.pk

Special Offers

Avail special offers and promotions from The K&N's Way Club membership.

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