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Just fill the form, click submit and simply print your Temporary Card.

You can also enrol yourself by filling out the Enrolment Form available at all K&N's Chicken Stores and send it to us.
Detach The K&N's Way Club Temporary Card and retain it.

Temporary Card:
Having enrolled as a new club member, you can use your Temporary card to earn points immediately. Please remember to always present this card while shopping at K&N’s Chicken Store for points credit into your club account. To earn points while availing Free Home Delivery Service, you will be required to share your contact number (as registered in Enrolment Form).
Your Key to The Programme (Club Card and PIN):
Along with your club Member card, you will also receive a 5-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). You will need this PIN (along with your club card number) to enquire about your account balance, update your individual club profile online, and for all other club online services. As a new member, it is important to know you cannot use our online services, nor redeem your points, until you have received your PIN.
For security reasons, please do not disclose your 5-digit PIN to anyone, and keep it separate from your club card. Please do not share it with K&N's Chicken Store staff either.
You can change your PIN under Account section, or request a new one by emailing at

Earning points is easy and automatic: All you need is The K&N's Way Club card for points credit into your club account.